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NTAG in the News - 2015

Dec 31, 2015-2015 Newsmakers: John Heckbert keeping tabs on Newmarket council

Dec 10, 2015-York Region collects up to $100M less in development charges

Dec 08, 2015-Newmarket's strategic priorities discussed during open house

Dec 03, 2015-Province scraps municipal land transfer tax proposal

Nov 20, 2015-Newmarket watchdog group blasts town spending as budget hikes loom

Nov 17, 2015-Newmarket dog park construction went over budget: taxpayer watchdog group charges

Jun 25, 2015-Newmarket council watchdog questions municipal staff lunches

Jun 17, 2015-Newmarket Taxpayers Advocacy Group questions downtown cash injections

Apr 23, 2015-Taxes up $56 for average homeowner in Newmarket

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